Runathon of Hope

11 Feb, 2018 | 6:00 AM

Mayor’s Bunglow plot, Near Bhel Chowk, Pune, Maharashtra, India

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HM 10K 5K 2K
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Event Organiser's Details
Organiser Rotary Club of Nigdi Pune Charitable Trust
Address Aparna Services Pvt.Ltd.
Office No 16, PJ Chambers, Pimpri 40018
Pune, Maharashtra, INDIA
Day Phone 9822022665
Evening Phone NA
Contact Person Rakesh Singhania

Event Features

Runathon of Hope Facilities
Run Surface: Road
Profile: Flat
Route Measurement: Measured using GPS/Cycle
Settings: Urban
Water Stations: Yes
Distance Markers: Yes
Traffic Free?: Partly
Affiliation Status: State Certified
Runathon of Hope Distance
Half Marathon : 21.097 KM : Rs 1000
10K Run : 10.000 KM : Rs 900
5K Run : 5.000 KM : Rs 700
2KM Run : 2.000 KM : Rs 1000
Runathon of Hope Awards
Finish Line Goodies
Runathon of Hope Venue Facilities

Organiser's Note

Runathon of Hope is a "Half Marathon" recognized as a State Level Event by the Maharashtra Athletic Association. This is the seventh consecutive year of organizing this event. The race route is a highly visible road track in PCMC area which is one of the largest and fastest growing Industrial, Educational and Residential suburbs in our country.

The event is the biggest of its kind in this area, attracting participation from schools & Industries of about 10,000 persons and & a similar number of spectators.

There are various categories of races suitable for each age group & includes a Charity Run for the Corporate participants.

Objectives of Runathon of Hope

The object of holding the half marathon Runathon of Hope, is to raise funds for various community service projects. The fund raising model adopted is such that the donors may direct the use of funds donated by them to execute a number of well-conceived, socially useful projects which involve demonstrable and transparent use of money.


Rotary Club of Nigdi Pune is a 27 year old club. Our Club is known for its commitment to the service of community and for taking-on pressing challenges facing our society. Our Areas of Focus are:

  • Disease Prevention & Treatment
  • Water & Sanitation
  • Maternal & Child Health
  • Basic Education & Literacy
  • Economic & Community Development
  • Peace & Conflict Resolution

The Rotary Club of Nigdi Pune conducts projects in above focus areas through its not-for-profit foundation, Rotary Club of Nigdi Pune Charitable Trust - which is a body registered under Bombay Public Trusts Act,1950 & under section 80 G of the Income Tax Act 1961.

Over last 27 years in service to the community we have undertaken many projects some being definitive others being continuous. The aim is to have service projects which have a meaningful impact on the society.


Half marathon organized Rotary Club of Nigdi, Pune

Starting from: Mayor’s Bunglow plot, Near Bhel Chowk, Nigdi-Pradhikaran, Pune 411 044

Date: Sunday 17th December 2017 
Time: 6.30 A.M.

Most of the reputed companies in Pune such as Tata Motors, Bajaj Auto, Thermax, Sandvik, Forbes Marshall, Volkswagen, General Motors, Mahindra, Fiat, etc., are located in this region.

Race Categories

1 MEN/WOMEN - 21 Km 16 years above
2 MEN/WOMEN - 10 Km 16 years above
3 MEN/WOMEN - 5 Km 16 years above (In age group 16-18 consent from guardian necessary)
4 CORPORATE RUN - 5 Km Companies/Corporate
5 CHARITY RUN/WALK - 2 Km Open to All
6 GIRLS/BOYS - 2 Km Under 16 (Born after January 2000)
7 GIRLS/BOYS - 2 Km Under 14 (Born after January, 2002)

* Children are allowed to participate only through their respective schools (under 16). Individual Entry for Children will not be entertained.

Procedure for Manual Registration

  • For manual registration Please visit to following Address
  • Fill the form and submit along with the identity proof, payment to following address:
    Runathon of Hope 
    (Timing 9.30am to 5.30pm all days except Sunday)
    Office: Aparna Services Pvt.Ltd.
    Office No 16, PJ Chambers,
    Pimpri, Pune -411018


Prize Money

Above 18 years age MEN 21.196 KM 35000 25000 15000 - - - - - - -
WOMEN 21.196 KM 35000 25000 15000 - - - - - - -
Above 18 years age MEN 10 KM 20000 15000 10000 - - - - - - -
WOMEN 10 KM 20000 15000 10000 - - - - - - -
Above 18 years age MEN 5 KM 10000 7500 5000 - - - - - -  
WOMEN 5 KM 10000 7500 5000 - - - - - -  
Charity / Sr Citizen / Rotary OPEN 2 KM TROPHY / CERTIFICATE
Under 16 (Born after January 2000) GIRL 2 KM 3000 2000 1500 1000 500 500 250 250 250 250
BOYS 2 KM 3000 2000 1500 1000 500 500 250 250 250 250
Under 14  (Born after January, 2002) GIRL 2 KM 3000 2000 1500 1000 500 500 250 250 250 250
BOYS 2 KM 3000 2000 1500 1000 500 500 250 250 250 250
Total      112,000 81,000 49,500 4,000 2,000 2,000 1,000 1,000 1,000 1,000

* Every Finisher will get a medal of participation, to be collected after the race from the medal counter.


Who organizes the Runathon of Hope?

The Runathon of Hope is organized by Rotary Club of Nigdi - Pune Charitable Trust. This event is recognized and monitored by the Athletic Association of Maharashtra.

What date is the 2017-18 Runathon?

Runathon of Hope 2017-18 will take place on Sunday, 17th December, 2017 at 6.30am.

When can I apply to run in 2017-18?

You can apply online or visit to our office.

The following photo identifications are acceptable:

  • Driving License
  • Photo ID Card
  • Passport
  • Aadhar Card
  • Pan Card

How do I get to the starting point ?

Please reach the race starting point and the venue Reserve ground for Mayor's Bungalow plot, Opp ICICI Bank, near Bhel Chowk, Nigdi by 6.30 AM and you will be directed to your group. Try using a public transport, as the parking area for vehicles is limited, and may not be available.

You will also need to collect your T-shirts , Chest no. 2-3 days in advance.

Distribution of T-Shirts & Chest Nos. normally will be there at the venue 2-3 days before the race day.

Can my family and friends come with me to the start?

Yes, they are allowed to come and cheer. Do encourage your friends and family to come and cheer.

What fluids and refreshments are available along the course?

Mineral Water will be available at the start and at official fluid stations every alternative kilometer. Besides, sponges soaked with water will be available at the official fluid stations as well.

What is the weather likely to be?

  • Average temperature is around:
  • Average high: 28?
  • Average low: 11?

What if I have to drop out?

If you need to drop out for any reason, look for volunteers who will escort you to the nearest medical aid station.

Time limit


Supporting organizations:

  • Maharashtra Athletic Association
  • Rotary District 3131 (
  • Rotary Club of Akurdi
  • Rotary Club of Pimpri
  • Rotary Club of Chinchwad
  • Rotary Club of Chinchwad Moraya
  • Rotary Club of Pimpri Town
  • Rotary Club of Pradhikaran Pune
  • Rotary Club of Talegaon MIDC

Rules / Event Conditions

All rules set forth for the Runathon of Hope , Half Marathon have been established in order to protect the safety of our participants and keep us in good standing with our governing body, the Maharashtra Athletic Association. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated in helping everyone to enjoy race day.

  • No wheeled vehicles are allowed on the course at any time. All bikes, strollers, motorcycles, cars, etc. will be immediately removed by race personnel.
  • Only registered participants may be on the course during the 3 hour event. Spectators are asked to remain on the sidewalks. Headphones are not permitted on the course.
  • Participants must stay on the official course at all times. It is the responsibility of each participant to know the course and follow the appropriate color-coded signage.
  • Decision of the organizing committee is final and binding on all participants.



Indemnity to the Organisers.


I/my ward declare, confirm and agree as follows:


  1. The information given by me/my ward in this entry form is true me/my ward is/am solely responsible for the accuracy of this information;


  1. I also hereby declare that I am medically fit to tackle the race category I have opted for. 


  1. I have fully understood the risk and responsibility of participating in the RUNATHON OF HOPE 2017-17 event and will be participating entirely at my/his/her risk and responsibility; I hereby agree that the organizers shall not be liable for any accident injury, death, loss or damages in the course of participation in the RUNATHON OF HOPE 2017


  1. I understand the risk of participating on a course with live vehicular traffic, even if the course may be regulated/policed;


  1. For myself/ourselves and our legal representatives, waive all claim of whatsoever nature against any and all sponsors of the event, RUNATHON OF HOPE 2017, all political entities, authorities and official, all contractors and construction firms working on or near the course, official and volunteers, ROTARY CLUB OF NIGDI-PUNE CHARITABLE TRUST, and all other person and entities associated with the event and the directors. Employees, agent and representatives of all or any of the aforementioned including, but not limited to, any claims that might result from me/my ward participating in the event and whether on account of illness, injury, death or otherwise;


  1. I agree that if I am/my ward is injured or taken ill or otherwise suffer/s any detriment whatsoever, I hereby irrevocably authorize the event official and organizers to at my/our risk and cost, transport me/my ward to a medical facility and or to administer emergency medical treatment and I/my ward waive/s all claim that might result from such transport and/ or treatment or delay or deficiency therein. I shall pay or reimburse to you my/my ward's medical and emergency expenses and I/my ward hereby authorize/s you to incur the same;


  1. I shall provide to race official such medical data relating to me/my ward as they may request.  


  1. I agree that nothing herein shall oblige the event official or organizers or any other person to incur any expense to provide any transport or treatment;


  1. In case of any illness or injury caused to me or my ward or death suffered by me or my ward due to any force majeure event including but not limited to fire, riots or other civil disturbances, earthquake, storms, typhoons or any terrorist, none of the sponsors of the event or any political entity or authorities and official or any contractor or construction firm working on or near the course, official or volunteers or Rotary Club of Nigdi-Pune Charitable Trust or any person or entities associated with event or the directors, employee, agents or representative of all or any of the aforementioned shall be held liable by me/my ward or my/my ward's representative;


  1. I understand, agree and irrevocably permit Rotary Club of Nigdi-Pune Charitable Trust to share the information given me/my ward’s in this application, with all/any entities associated with the RUNATHON OF HOPE 2017, at its own discretion;


  1. I understand, agree and irrevocably permit Rotary Club of Nigdi-Pune Charitable Trust to use my/my ward's photograph which may be photographed on the day of the event, for the sole purpose of promoting the RUNATHON OF HOPE, at its own discretion;


  1. I shall not hold the organizers and all/any of the event sponsors responsible for loss of my/his/her entry form and / or entry fee transit;


  1. I/my ward understand and agree to the event terms and guidelines;


  1. Entry fee being paid by me is strictly non-refundable.