Saptashrungi Hill Marathon

28 Oct, 2018 | 6:30 AM

Saptashrungi Gad, Nanduri, Kalwan, Maharashtra, India

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HM 10K 3K 5K
PB Potential
Beginner Friendly
Event Organiser's Details
Organiser Nashik Runners
Address NA
Nashik, Maharashtra, INDIA
Day Phone 9423105899
Evening Phone 9762066666
Website NA
Contact Person Narayan Wagh / Aatul Sangmaner

Event Features

Saptashrungi Hill Marathon Facilities
Run Surface: Road
Profile: Hilly
Route Measurement: Measured using GPS/Cycle
Settings: Moutain
Water Stations: Yes
Distance Markers: Yes
Traffic Free?: Partly
Affiliation Status: District Certified
Saptashrungi Hill Marathon Distance
Half Marathon : 21.097 KM : Rs 1500
10K Run : 10.000 KM : Rs 1000
3K Run : 3.000 KM : Rs 300
5K Run : 5.000 KM : Rs 800
Saptashrungi Hill Marathon Awards
Saptashrungi Hill Marathon Venue Facilities

Organiser's Note

By the Divine Blessings of Saptashrungi Devi Active Nashik Runners" organising 2nd edition of " The Saptashrungi Hill Marathon 2018"

One of the most important 3 and half shaktipethasans as the name suggests it is situated on Seven hills.

Geographically situated 60kms North West of Nashik city.

Request to join this very divine running event.

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Date - 28th Oct2018
Venue - Saptashrungi Gad, Nanduri , Tal. Kalwan, Nashik

  • Events/Fees/Timings
  1. Half Marathon
    1. Rs. 1500 Including ( T-shirt, Time Chip, Finisher Medal, Snacks) 
    2. Start time: 6.30 am
    3. Age 18 years and above
  2. 10KM Run
    1. Rs. 1000 Including (T-shirt , Time Chip, Finisher Medal, Snacks) 
    2. Start time: 6.45 am
    3. Age 16 year and above
  3. 3KM Divine Run -
    1. Rs. 300 ( T-shirt , Finisher medal , snacks)
    2. Start time 7.00am

Rules / Event Conditions


1. The event organiser, the event sponsors and any other party associated with the event are released from any and all liability whatsoever, which may arise from any direct or indirect loss, injury or death, caused by any person's actual or intended participation in the event and its related activities.
2. The registration fee is non refundable. Should the event be cancelled or stopped for any reason, or should personal circumstances arise that prevent a person from participation in the event or completing the event, the entry fee shall remain non-refundable.

I <<name>> fully understand the terms and conditions and I have voluntarily participating in this event.